The following class fees are charged throughout the school year. These fees may be pre-paid for your convenience. At this time, all fees must be paid at the office. We are working on accepting payments online through infinite Campus and will notify you as soon as that option is available.

Fees not paid for projects and classes by semester or the end of the year will result in the student not receiving his or her report card, transcript or diploma. It is suggested that students make regular payments on projects throughout the year to ease the burden at the end of the year.

*$200 maximum per school year for any combination of middle and high school students in one family participating in athletics.

Athletic Fees/BVHS$100.00 per year*
Athletic Fees/MMS$60.00 per year*
Art 1, 2, 3, 4$20.00 per year
Ceramics$20.00 per year
Computer Art$25.00 per semester
Photography$45.00 per semester
Food Prep/Nutrition$20.00 per semester
Advanced Foods$35.00 per year
Sewing$15.00 minimum
Home Design$15.00
General Shops$50.00
Advanced Woods$50.00 minimum
Advanced Metals$50.00 minimum
Replacement Planner$5.00