In the Buena Vista School District, we believe POWERFUL TEACHERS are the foundation of success. Every child deserves teachers who are passionate, competent, and positive role models of character and life-ling learning. For this reason, the district invests significant time, energy, and financial resources to support teachers in their continued professional learning.

Rigor and ResponseAt the core of professional learning in the district is on-going work in ensuring learning is both rigorous and responsive to the needs of our students. We refer to this work as Intentional Design. Teachers work collaboratively to design lessons of rigor and then to monitor student growth and achievement toward these targets through the use of formative and summative assessments. Teachers use the BVSD C-TACHs (Content Targets and Assessment Checklists) to develop these high quality lessons. In response to the individual learning needs of students, teachers use a varied strategies and flexible groups.

Professional Growth QuestionsTo support our teachers in their growth as educators, every teacher creates a professional growth plan. These plans are formatted as personal inquiry questions selected by the teacher. It represents a "tension" or dilemma the teacher faces in his/her teaching. Throughout the year, the teacher reads, observes, experiments, and analyzes data both individually and with a colleagues to move forward in the teaching dilemma.

Intentional Design Academy (IDA)In the initial phase of data gathering, the Buena Vista School District Strategic Planning Committee identified its mission as The Buena Vista School District community exists to ensure every student reach the PEAK OF SUCCESS. A rigorous curriculum, emphasizing critical thinking skills and responsive to the needs of individual learners will be the foundation to accomplish this mission The purpose of the BVSD Three Year Professional Learning, The Intentional Design Academy [IDA] is for teachers to intentionally design, using the curriculum as the tool, rigorous and responsive opportunities for learning.

There are eight elements of responsive teaching that guide the Intentional Design Academy [IDA]. These eight elements are used by individual teachers to set professional learning goals and support is provided by district leadership in advancing skill and practice in each of these areas.
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