In the Buena Vista School District, we ensure every student reaches the peak of success. It is a mountainous mission devoid meaning unless "the peak" is defined. We believe student success embodies more than academic achievement demonstrated on a single test score. Rather, "the peak of success" includes multiple demonstrations and applications of learning along with recognized dispositions of balanced, whole-hearted persons.

Vision & Mission: The mission of the Buena Vista School District (BV Schools) is "to ensure every student reaches the peak of success." Not only does this mission guide the actions of our Strategic Plan, it characterizes our community. BV Schools has a rich tradition and reputation for promoting and celebrating the whole child: students of strong and competitive academic excellence, who are involved and excelling in athletics, creative and practical arts, and service, and who exhibit strong character qualities such as respect, responsibility, cooperation, and resiliency. We take our mission very seriously. In BV Schools, every student matters.

Beliefs: A core set of beliefs are the foundation of our school district. Because we believe every child deserves teachers who are passionate, competent, and positive role models of character and life-long learning, BV Schools is committed to recruiting, and supporting powerful teachers. The relationship between the student and the teacher is the key factor in a student reaching his or her full potential; our teachers build these relationships in their daily work with students. BV Schools teachers are unsurpassed in their profession.

We are fortunate to have a very supportive community in Buena Vista. We have active participation on school committees and many volunteers come in to the schools from the surrounding community. Buena Vista School District R-31 is blessed to have an enthusiastic Booster Club, numerous non-profit foundations, and business community supporters.

Because we want the mission of ensuring every student reach "the peak of success" to be the living, breathing reality of our schools and the guiding purpose of decisions we make, we endeavored to define "the peak" succinctly and with meaning. Therefore, "the peak of success" has been defined using seven, easily remembered and understood words words we call the 7 C’s - curious, connected, constructive, critically competent, collaborative, creative and character-centered and defined in our Profile of a Learner.

The Profile of a Learner outlines the 7 C's.

BV Schools Strategy Book