Educational Accountability in the state of Colorado is legislated through CRS (Colorado Revised Statutes) 22-11-102. This legislative declaration sets forth the purposes of educational accountability in Colorado and outlines the responsibilities of district committees charged with implementing this program of accountability. 

The establishment of a District Accountability Committee (DAC) is one aspect of educational accountability in the state of Colorado that allows for the input of parents, educators, administrators, and the community in establishing clearly defined statewide academic performance objectives.

Membership on the DAC will include at least three parents of students enrolled in district public schools, at least one teacher who is employed by the school district, at least one school administrator who is employed by the school district, and at least one person who is involved in business in the community within the school district boundaries.


  • Lynn Montoya

  • Paula Dylan

  • Nancy Best

  • Judy Hamontre

  • Jennifer Wertz

  • Beth Helmke

  • Rick Bieterman

  • Dave Bailey

  • Bonnie Grover (Teacher)

  • Alexis Thompson (Student)

  • Aspen Stearns (Student)

  • DeDe Williams, Chair

  • Lisa Yates (Superintendent)

Administrator Advisors: 

  • Kevin Denton

  • Lynelle Denton

  • Judy Lynn

  • John Emilsson

  • Christine Bailey

  • Janice Martin