In June 2013, with the approval of the Board of Education, the Buena Vista School District implemented its own distinctive personnel evaluation system that is aligned to the elements of Intentional Design. The school district is required to submit assurances to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) that the local evaluation system adheres to the requirement in section 5.01 of the SB 191 rules. These assurances must be signed by the Superintendent and President of the Board of Education.

The following assurances are included:

  1. The school district has adopted a personnel evaluation system aligned with Intentional Design and the elements of Responsive Teaching for teachers and the State Model System for principals;

  2. The school district has reviewed all of the required elements of a local evaluation system and verified that its evaluation system meets or is in progress of meeting the requirements specified in State Board Rule.

  3. The school district written evaluation system is available on a website (see links to right)