BV Schools is committed to ensuring that all students reach the PEAK OF SUCCESS. Our dedicated BV Schools is committed to ensuring that all students reach the PEAK OF SUCCESS by teaching and providing a variety tools for learning. Digital information and media have significantly impacted capabilities and efficiencies in production and demand wise and critical analysis of use.     Our dedicated and innovative teachers thoughtfully integrate technology tools into instruction with intentional attention to students being ethical and intelligent consumers and producers of digital technologies.  While these technologies can support our students’ path to the peak of success and we have a strong Information Technology support team, we emphasize the importance of in-person, personally interactive experiences between teachers and students.  Technologies, especially social media platforms,  can erode development of critical interpersonal skills, so BV Schools limits the use of technologies, especially at younger grade. 

It is expected all students adhere to the technology use policy. This includes ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

Data Privacy related to online use is a priority to BV Schools.  Learn more from our Data Privacy page.

For more information, contact Matt Brooker, Technology Director. Email Matt at or call (719) 395-7074. Contact Drew Bever at the Tech Help Desk at or call (719) 395-7121, or contact Technology Instructional Coach, Diane Look by email at or call (719) 395-7138.


Specifically, the purpose of the eNav program is threefold:

  • To boost our student focus on the 7 c's (curious, connected, critically competent, collaborative, constructive, creative, character-centered).

  • To provide standard access to information technologies during the school day under the direction of intentionally-minded teachers

  • To bring the world to our students, enabling research and connections to global peoples and cultures.

All students in grades 6 through 12 are eligible to receive a school-issued tablet at the beginning of the school year for use at school and home. BVHS students may bring their own device to school instead. T

Elementary students have access to school devices for specific projects and tasks as assigned by teacher for use at school only.

School-issued tablets are provided free of charge to students.  Part-time students (those taking fewer than 4 classes), will be charged a technology usage fee of $50 per semester.  Any damage to devices is handled like damage to library books or textbooks - fines are assessed for damage or loss.  The most common fines are:

  • $20 for lost power cords

  • $50 for cracked screens

  • $300 for a lost or badly damaged device  

All school-issued tablets are turned in at the end of the school year for regular maintenance.  Students will be issued the same tablet the following school year, with a few exceptions.  For example, if a tablet was damaged beyond repair, a different device would be issued the following year. It is expected that students will use the same device until they graduate or leave the school district.

Before accepting a school tablet or bringing their own device, all students must read and accept the district internet use policy and responsible use agreement.