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Gifted and talented services support Buena Vista School District's commitment to ensuring every student reaches the peak of success. Students identified gifted possess unique abilities and/or potential and are, therefore, a unique segment of the district's student population.

The District developed an identification plan aligned with Colorado Department of Education guidelines. A body of evidence, including but not limited to achievement, cognitive, work samples, and behavior scales, is used to identify student strengths; after formal identification, a team prescribes services based on the child's each year through an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP).

Gifted programming in Buena Vista is based on a delivery model of flexibility, sustainability, talent development, and dependent on universal rigorous and responsive instruction available to all. For this reason, when developing services, strengths of staff, resources and individual student needs are considered. Meeting the needs of gifted learners is the responsibility of the entire staff. Having a flexible model of service allows the district to allocate and adjust resources where needs are the greatest.

BV Schools is a member of the Mountain Board of Education Cooperatives (BOCES).  Mountain BOCES is responsible for applying for, accounting for, and reporting on state-level funds for students identified as gifted learners. While BV Schools is responsible to identify and address programming, Mountain BOCES provides leadership and oversight that includes identifying students for gifted education services.  The comprehensive plan for Gifted/Talented for the Mountain BOCES districts and other resources are available at the BOCES site.

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