BV Schools believes continuous improvement is essential for student success.  This commitment is evident in the district’s participation in an expanded accountability program known as the Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP).

The Buena Vista School District Board of Education is responsible for defining the goals and success of the organization, called the Board ENDS.  The Board monitors the district’s growth toward these ENDS as its main function.  The Board ENDS are centered on students demonstrating the 7 C’s of being curious, connected, constructive, critically competent, creative, collaborative, and character-center.  The ENDS are detailed in four major goals: 1.Students are capable of building relationships with others, solving conflicts positively, and contributing to their community; 2. Students have the academic knowledge, skills, and critical thinking to pursue their individual post-secondary goals; 3. Students demonstrate the resiliency and character needed to face the personal and practical challenges of life; 4. Students are proud of and inspired by their school experience.

 With the Board defining the END outcomes, it is then the responsibility of the staff, under the leadership of the superintendent, to implement priority actions to achieve these ENDS.  There are four Priority Actions: 1. Build professional and community collaboratives; 2. Instruct with a focus on critical thinking and feedback; 3. Create spaces of optimism; 4. Facilitate individual commitment and contribution.  The staff have outlined actions for the four priority actions (link two pager) and have a full implementation plan. 

 More information can be found on BV School Student-Centered Accountability Plan site

This accountability and improvement document is continuously monitored by the Board of Education. It serves as the action plan for implementing specific critical goals of the district.

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