The dome of Santa Maria del Fiore (the Duomo) in Florence, Italy is awesome; truly a work of art amazing to behold, even breath-taking. But what many admirers may never consider is the genius in designing, without a record of being done before, a self-supporting structure of this magnitude.

Filippo Brunelleschi, trained as a goldsmith, envisioned what others claimed was impossible. As Brunelleschi began to build the dome, most people in Florence only shook their heads and said the dome could only be accomplished by magic; there was no conceivable way to build a dome that size that would be self-supporting. Brunelleschi was undaunted. Without question, it was work demanding innovation, expertise, and resiliency. Building the structure required Brunelleschi even design the tools necessary to create the dome. The Duomo is because Brunelleschi envisioned what could be. Brunelleschi was not hindered by what had not been done before. Instead, he designed what was needed to create a structure of beauty and strength. And over 500 years later, we admire and marvel and aspire to his legacy.

Inspired by the work of Filippo Brunelleschi and charged by the Board of the Education, the Buena Vista School District is doing the work of envisioning what can be. Beginning fall 2008, a selected group of stakeholders, including the Board of Education, Building Administrators, representative teachers, high school students, parents, and key community members, were invited to participate in the Buena Vista School District (BVSD) Strategic Planning Team. After reviewing current research in educational practice, analyzing district achievement data, and identifying essential elements of a high performing school system, the Strategic Planning Team began to envision what the district could be. As a result, the Strategic Planning Team agreed on the following Mission, Beliefs, and Vision to guide the future work of the Buena Vista School District. In addition, the Buena Vista School District Ends Goals are included to guide the work of the Strategic Plan.

Full Strategic Plan

This accountability and improvement document is continuously monitored by the Board of Education. It serves as the action plan for implementing specific critical goals of the district.

District Wayfinders