Student Centered Accountability Program Logo

The Buena Vista School District values our students as more than test scores. We are one of

14 rural school districts participating in the Student Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP). The purpose of S-CAP is to evaluate schools looking at their learning climate and the
engagement of the students in their own learning. The framework for this evaluation has
been further developed by Educational Researchers at the University of Colorado at Denver.
Our Superintendent, Lisa Yates, is a leader in implementing this approach to accountability for schools and was one of the main presenters at the Colorado Education Initiative Conference, which was held in Denver in November. Attendees at this conference included the Governor’s Policy Advisor, the Colorado Department of Education, the US Department of Education, Colorado District Superintendents, and education administrators from California. Texas and Massachusetts. There is obviously wide-spread interest in this new approach to evaluating schools and students. The Buena Vista School District is one of the pioneers in enriching accountability.